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WE are the best Professional Engineering Consultant in Singapore.

WE have more than 25 years experiences in engineering, various industries, various challenges with resulted given various solutions, with that now proudly providing YOU in one rapid solution for YOUR engineering problems under one umbrella, under one consultant, multi engineering knowledge and experience.

Defuse YOUR Problem, Ignite YOUR Solution, Automate YOUR Process. We are hands-on engineers. Trust us. Rest assured that YOU will NOT get SORRY and REGRET.

WE Are The Only Unique Singapore Engineering Consultant,

3 strength under 1 consultancy, No One Else Does...


WE are fueled and blended with engineering theories, thus capable to relate what is going on the field with the theories behind


WE have more than 25 years experience in Engineering in many fields


WE have applied the theories into practice in the fields, the results are proven

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OUR Engineering Partner:


We have done many medical equipments' installation projects to hospitals, clinics, institutions which need our expertise in installing, fine tuning alignment, maintenance, modifications, repairs and many more excellent results to get the set up ready



Engineering needs someone who has the actual experiences. YOU need someone who knows the ground and applications, and that is us, WE are ready to serve YOU based on OUR experience


YOU will need trainings, in Engineering's real applications, operation will be a complete devastation and catastrophe without being trained, without being taught of the steps and the know how


When there are inquiries, YOU will need to build samples, YOU will need to build prototypes to save revenue, leave it to us, WE will visualize it for YOU


The success of the supply chain is greatly depending on the right selected suppliers. Those suppliers will need to be assessed by capable engineers to be qualified in AVL. YOU may contact us, WE are the best for the outsourcing in ASIA PACIFIC (APAC)


Every Engineering practises surely have problems, but not to worry, WE will investigate its root causes and propose the remedies of avoiding in future problems


Well, this is not the first and this is not the last, WE want to remind YOU that the Audit is very important to be performed frequently, without it YOU won't know the next failure that will hit YOU, WE will advise YOU to prepare for actual authority audit (if any)

Testing & Calibration:

Calibration process needs the master gauge and the calibration engineers to perform this procedure to comply to the industrial standardization, leave it to us and WE will make it comply

Mold and Die Design: 

Good Mold and Die Design rely on the Quality of its material, it will be calculated from how many strokes they will hit and under what parameters such as temp and humidty

Artificial Inteligence:

We will automate for YOU for sure, hence the operation will be more effective and productive

Engineering Drafting:

Technical drawing is brain and heart in engineering world, with acurate and precise drawing, YOU will talk less

Data Analytics: 

To have accurate directions or to have correct decisions, YOU will need data. Why? Because with the analysis of the data, it will be able to predict or to forecast

IT Support:

Hands and eyes of the automation, don't let YOUR network down stressing YOU, leave it all the hassle of YOUR IT matter to us and WE will solve it remotely as best as possible


To get the project is well executed, all licences and pemits should be obtained in advance. WE will ensure those requirements duly completed as per requisite


Let us know and let us design your office/factory/else as based on the Industrial Engineering analysis to improve productivity, less waste, more profit


When you break something that you can not repair/put it back to its original or fail to function, it is the time to call us, the Handyman


A Singaporean engineer. He is a solid professional hands-on engineer with years of experiences in Engineering and Management, has been dedicating his whole life to Quality Engineering widely spread across multi Engineering product knowledge and variants. He has been serving various companies hence very well verse in Project Transfer, NPI, PPAP, APQP with 6 sigma concept and DMAIC methodology across APAC countries. As the world has now slowly been drifted, his Quality expertise has been propagated to Service Quality Engineering which is using data mining and data analysis techniques to excavate from the big data and translate it to a meaningful data analysis with various statistical tools such as Minitab, JMP presented in Tableu and Qlik.

Enhanced by his latest Cyber Security and Project Management knowledge that he has, now is serving the Quality Engineering Applied Science that has been shifted its paradigm from old traditional manufacturing concept to the service industry in general, although he is still serving the manufacturing industry which is now adapting towards industry 4.0. for those industries that are ready to adapt to the latest technology requirement. From time to time, applying his Quality knowledge from one to another from local to MNC corporations, his Quality knowledge is superb and outstanding thus sharpen his knowledge while he is auditing the processes for those organizations in terms of their Quality and Processes.

His academic qualifications (proudly all are attained by class based and in original countries):

1) the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Indonesia) 

2) the Master of Science in Manufacturing Systems Engineering (England)

3) the Master in Business Administration in Marketing (traditional) (Indonesia)

4) the Diploma in Machine Maintenance (Japan)

5) the Diploma in Japanese Language (Japan)

6) the Specialist Diploma in Digital Marketing Strategies and Analytics (Singapore) 

And he has many other wide range certifications (please inquiry to know more)

His professional engineering membership is with:

1) The Institution of Engineers Singapore (Senior Member ID: 20230080)

His industrial experiences (genuinely all knowledge are gained from the real companies):

1) Semiconductor (LASER)

2) Hard Disk Drive

3) Metal Stamping

4) Beverages, Soya Sauce Industry

5) Motor Drive or Spindle Motor

6) Rubber and Elastomer Molding - (dry and liquid base)

7) Information Technology

8) Home Appliances, Consumer Device

9) Contract Manufacturing (CM) of Electronics' Assembly

10) Medical Device

11) Power Transmission

12) Sterilization and Microbiology

13) Training and Education

14) Engineering Thermo Plastic

15) Construction and Built Environment Industry

16) Gas Industry & Scrubber Technology

17) Waste Water Treatment Technology

18) And many more (please inquiry to know more)

His training expertise is backed up with the training certfication for guiding and mentoring adult's learners and he is certified by Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) Singapore with a prestigious trainer certification which is named as ACTA (Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment) V5. He also has the MOE valid relief teacher, current expiry is Dec 2024 (IRS-REMS).

His area of travelling : China (Shanghai, Beijing, Wuxi, Shuzhou, Shenzen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Jinan, Chengdu, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Shenzhou), Hong Kong, South Korea (Seoul), Japan (Osaka, Nagoya, Kobe, Shikoku and Tokyo), Thailand (Bangkok, Ayuthaya), Malaysia (JB, KL, Penang, Malaka, Ipoh, Kucing, Perlis), Germany (Nuremberg, Munich, Stuttgart), Great Britain (London, Birmingham, Coventry) and United States (Portland, Oregon and California). Inclusive Indonesia as his birth place and Singapore as where he is currently based now.

Are YOU aware of?

What is the reason, WHY, WHY, WHY do YOU need an Engineering Consultant to advise YOUR business, process and operation?

YES, because by having an engineering consultant, YOU will get benefits which will profit your business as follows:

YOU may have cost saving, why? because your processes may become more efficient, your productivity will increase, your waste is less, your business processes are more well managed and efficient, your customer complaint is less, etc etc, YOU may contact us to know more details on what benefits will YOU get from us...

The word 'KAIZEN' means 'Improvement' - every aspect in YOUR business should be improved, every counts is $$$ to YOU, thus don't waste YOUR $$$ leaking somewhere in YOUR business process, stop the leaking, start saving... 

Engineering Article - March 2024

Do you know the importance of the engineering gasket?

There are few reasons to have a periodical replacement:

1) It will be able to maintain the consistent vessel pressure

2) It will be able to maintain the consistent vessel temperature

3) It will be able to avoid the explosion and the blast

4) It will be able to avoid the fire and the blaze

5) It will be able to avoid the burst and the leakage

Please do contact us to know more other options pertaining to getting your engineering gasket being examined, how will you benefit from the new gasket and how it will increase the efficiency of your machines.

YouTUBE engineering video - June 2023

Potential Hazard Due To Leak Heat Exchanger

We execute the project with confident, OUR EXPERTISES, our assurance to you...

Chat with us, share with us, what is your engineering problem and we will solve it for you:

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Consultation Packages

For the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) - The Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will need to be signed by both parties prior to commence of our consultation services to ensure the confidentiality of the subjects.

Note: We also may accept payment by BITCOINS and/or USDC (terms and conditions apply), please contact us.


Consist of:

1) 3 hours consultation: 

a) Review past actions

b) Audit/Inspection of process

c) Review meeting

2) Kaizen or Improvement

3) Group chat

4) Unlimited consultation

5) Hands On Troubleshooting (exclusive materials and consumables, quotation is quoted separately)

6) 24/7/365 Real Time Monitoring for Statistical Data of Quality, Cost and Rejection Rate by Customer

7) Dedicated Cloud

8) 1x Engineering Training Provided (2 hours)

Note: This package is only available after 6 months from either basic or pro package as we will need to gather data key measurement metrics


Consist of:

1) 3 hours consultation: 

a) Review past actions

b) Audit/Inspection of process

c) Review meeting

2) Kaizen or Improvement

3) Group chat

4) Unlimited consultation

5) Hands On Troubleshooting (exclusive materials and consumables, quotation is quoted separately)


Consist of:

1) 3 hours consultation: 

a) Review past actions

b) Audit/Inspection of process

c) Review meeting

2) Group chat

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